All-in Akad Package for 50 Pax at Jakarta Phinisi by Pinkbow

IDR 114.240.000

IDR 111.740.000

Wedding Day Photo & Video
Live Streaming
Wedding Organizer
Traditional Wedding Gown

Jakarta Phinisi

Wedding Venue & Restaurant | Jakarta
Save IDR 2.500.000


Venue Name
Jakarta Phinisi
Venue Type
Cruise & Phinisi
50 PAX

Venue - Special Wedding Package for 50 Pax (3 Hours Sailing) by Jakarta Phinisi

  • Ship for 50 Pax
  • 3 Hours Sailing
  • Insurance
  • Life Safety Equipment
  • All facilities and room in the ship

Decoration - Package Standard Akad Decoration

Backdrop 1 Set
(Artificial Flowers)

  • 1 pcs arch dengan rangkaian bunga
  • Inisial pasangan
Aisel Decoration 1 Set
(Fresh Flowers)
  • 4 pcs rangkaian bunga lantai
  • Karpet putih kelopak bunga*panjang sampai 30 meter
Meja Akad 1 Set
(Fresh Flowers)
  • 1 pcs rangkaian bunga ditengah meja akad
  • 6 pcs gold tiffany chair dengan chair sash
Welcome Area 1 Set
(Artificial Flowers)
  • 1 pcs acrylic welcome signage

Wedding Day Photo & Video - Intimate Wedding Package 5 Hours

  • 5 Hours
  • 2 Photographer
  • 1 Videographer
  • 1 Fremed printed (40x60)
  • 1 Fremed printed (minimalis)
  • 50+ Edited photo
  • Teaser video cenematic 1 minute
  • All files inUSB 32GB

Live Streaming - Blessing Live Streaming Package

  • Live streaming service for 2 hours working (in one day)
  • Platform on Zoom/Youtube
  • 1 Camera
  • 1 Livestream Operator
  • Custom frame & Opening Bumper Design
  • QR Code Online Giving on Screen
  • Full Recorded Video

Catering - Phinisi Custom Package for Max. 50 Pax by Bandar Djakarta Baywalk Pluit

Custom menu for your wedding

Wedding Organizer - Rose Package (Until 50 Pax)

Pre-Wedding Services

  1. performs as planner service provider
  2. Assist clients in planning the wedding day. From concept creation to detailed rundowns for the wedding day. All these activities were carried out with joint discussions between, clients, families, vendors, and other related parties.
  3. Helping clients find all the vendor that suits their wishes and needs on their wedding day.
  4. Helping clients set the budget and arrange the payment for the vendors.
  5. Develop an itinerary and schedule appointments for venue inspections, vendor appointments, food testing, and other activities related to wedding preparation.
  6. Conduct a final meeting before the wedding day with all the wedding vendors.
  7. Assist the blessing ceremony rehearsal (if needed).
  8. Prepare the team that will be on duty on the wedding day. The number of crews that will be working on the wedding day was in accordance with the agreed package. While the division of duties for each crew would be discussed further with the Wedding Consultant from

Wedding Day

  1. Coordinate and organizing the whole event, following the rundown that has been made (working together will all the vendors, clients, families, and all related parties). Including morning event for Groom and Bride, Blessing Ceremony, Civil Registration, Tea Pai ceremony, and Receptions.
  2. Ensure all activities take place according to the rundown.
  3. Handover all personal goods deposited at to the party designated by the client at the wedding day (for example souvenirs, photos for welcome area`s decoration, etc).

Free Usage/Rent: Ring Holder, Teapay Set, Disposal Cup, Angpau, Angpau Sticker, Angpau Box, Red Cloth, Onde & Misoa, Xuang Xi, Flower Girl Basket, laptop, Padlock, Reception Book for Ceremony, Stationary, Bride Kimono, Plastic Clip, Medicines, Sewing Kit

Traditional Wedding Gown - Package Wedding Bronze

  • Busana Pengantin 1 Set (CPP & CPW) Akad atau Resepsi
  • Make Up + Hair Do/ Jilbab Pengantin Akad / Resepsi
  • Make Up + Hair Do/ Jilbab, Baju, Kain Ibu dan BesanĀ  (*masih dalam satu tempat)
  • Beskap Set Bapak dan Besan

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Jakarta Phinisi

Wedding Venue & Restaurant | Jakarta